Rock Climbing Rope Team Beats the Thunderstorms

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I’ve been ploughing through a lot of books and videos recently looking for decent content for this rock climbing rope themed blog. While this video isn’t directly about your ropes and ropework, it’s a cracking little tale of a couple of american lads who took on one of the more exciting routes on the Diamond on Long’s Peak Colorado. During a spell of absolutely crappy weather they took a chance and managed to sneak in a route on one of the more iconic rock faces in the USA. What I like is the slightly downbeat and understated commentary and the nifty artwork at start and finish. Take a look and enjoy!Rock Climbing Rope Team Beats the Thunderstorms 19/10/2010

When Your Ropework Can’t Help, Maybe a little Wilderness medicine Can.

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Frequently when we are out rock climbing, canoeing, mountaineering, sailing or any of the other wonderful adventures that we all enjoy; We experience an accident. It could be minor: cuts and scrapes for instance. Occasionally, the incident can be very grave indeed. At times like this basic first aid knowledge and training can help, but so far from home and out of reach of road access or cell phone signal, we need to step our care into a higher gear. This is where we move into the domain of wilderness medicine. As a concept, wilderness medicine goes a little beyond emergency first aid and it’s a skill that any of us who like the big trips and expeditions would do well to gain some understanding of. If you live any where near Boise Idaho, you’ve got a golden opportunity: Wilderness Medicine Basics Wednesday, October 20, 2010 7pm at Boise REI 8300 West Emerald 208-322-1141...