Rock Climbing Ropes – Distinguishing the Types

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Rope Management on Flying Buttress Rope Management on Flying Buttress There are lots of discussions and debates climbing on forums and blogs about the different types of dynamic climbing ropes and best practise. The main types of dynamic rope used in rock climbing, ice climbing and mountaineering are broadly divided into single, double and twin climbing ropes, with hillwalking safety ropes as a smaller by product of the industry. These days it is a simple article of good practise to check that the rock climbing rope you are buying carries the appropriate UIAA rope marking label, heat shrunk onto the end of the rope. It really couldn’t be easier to make sure you get the right rope for the job. rope end indicator Rope End Indicator Labels Explained Most frequently seen of modern rock climbing ropes, is a single rope of between 8.9 mm up to 11 mm in diameter, designed to be used on...

Testing Ice Anchors – Screws vs Threads

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I came across this video that shows a Petzl team carrying out some pretty thorough tests on screw and Abalokov ice anchors. It’s instructive. Which do you believe to be stronger; Abalakov thread anchors or a “good old” modern ice screw? The biggest problem these guys had was in finding a patch of consistent quality ice to enable a reasonable degree of “fair testing” to give their results some meaning. 20/01/2011