Assisted Braking Belay Devices

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The UKC newsletter popped up in the inbox today and they had an excellent review of the new generation of “smart” belay devices. For years we’ve been used to seeing the good old Grigri at climbing walls, sports crags and instructed venues. It’s quite worrying to think it’s been kicking around for the last 20 odd years. However, a few months ago I met Eddy. Eddy? Who; might you ask, is Eddy? That’d be Eddy le Rid. Edelrid have put a potentially bone breaking device on the market as well. Bone breaker… does that mean it doesn’t work? Not at all: but you wouldn’t want to drop one on a rock shoed toe! Assisted braking belay devices – UKC from UKClimbing.com TV on Vimeo. A couple of the boys at the Foundry have put together a video review of five contenders for the money in your wallet. They have reviewed – complete with...

So How Strong is a Rock Climbing Rope

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I came across this little video snippet explaning how strong a rock climbing rope actually is. Funny how the cousins across the pond still insist on working in pounds! There’s a nice little bit of physics tucked in here as well, which explains what those little KN labels across all your load bearing gear mean. 1033941494 In plain English, what that means is that 1KN is the force of (i.e. the weight of) 100kg of stuff. Now I only weigh around 72 Kg in my shreddies, so my weight is well less than a1 KN. A lot of load bearing climbing gear is rated at upwards of 22 KN. For instance my nice shiny new climbing rope is a beal cobra 1/03/2011