First Reactions to Ratho Wall

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Every spring, no matter how good my training for climbing on the indoor wall’s plastic rock climbing holds; it seems I have to learn how to rock climb all over again. After hearing about the Edinburgh International Climbing Centre at Ratho for several years I finally visited it in the aftermath of a long winter’s day on the Ben. Having trekked up Tower Ridge on the Saturday for the 4th or 5th time and suffered a long hold up at the infamous Tower Gap, my little unfit legs were knackered. I’d have been game to try something outdoors if the weather had been up to much, but a damp and warm February drizzle-sky suggested there were better things to do. So- off we trekked south and east to Edinburgh to sample the delights of the “refurbished quarry” that makes up the Edinburgh International Climbing Centre. I have to say – I was pretty gobsmacked!...