Petzl Counterfeit Warning

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The whole counterfeit culture affecting high value consumer goods is a pretty familiar problem. There are regular items in news programmes and in the papers pointing out the problems that can cause serious difficulties for manufacturers, distributors and customers. Sadly the problem has moved into the ralm of PPE for climbers and cavers. There have been a few “outbreaks” of counterfeit cancer affecting Petzl gear over the past year, so I just thought I’d fire out a heads up for anyone who happens by this blog. In the last year, Petzl have managed to trace back to sources in China and have had destroyed, moulds and facilities that were producing fake Tikka headlights. Recently though the problem took a more serious turn with these products being discovered as counterfeits. CROLL ascender (B16) CROLL ascender (B16) ASCENSION handled ascender (B17 R) – old, blue...