Pinnacle Ridge: A Superb Day Out

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After months of inactivity, I finally got my arse into gear and went out to brave the fresh air again. Nothing spectacular, by beastmaker standards, just good to get out and go UP once more. Hooking up with some friends at Dunmail raise for a leisurely winter start, we just had a quiet tootle up to Grisedale Tarn and tried to pick out the easiest version of our chosen stupid approach to Pinnacle Ridge on St Sunday’s crag. It’s a dead simple, classic little scramble that had the promise of a wee bit of winter plastered all over it. This is definitely the daftest way to approach Pinnacle, but Ian didn’t fancy his chances trying to get to Ullswater via Kirkstone Pass, which is why we took the odd choice. Pinnacle Ridge Approach From Grisedale Tarn Pinnacle Ridge Approach From Grisedale Tarn From Grisedale Tarn a faint path was visible through the snow cover which led...

A Lofoten Classic – Vestpillaren of Presten

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After another summer of trying to scratch a living and very little rock climbing fun, I came across this video of one of Lofoten’s classic climbs. Vestpillaren of Presten. Over the years I’ve heard a few people mention this as a classic route – one to do. Overall it appears that the grade is around E1 5b for the cruxy bits, with a few bolt belays on the first 3 or 4 pitches. In total the route is about 470m tall and goes in 12 pitches. It looks as if there is really good quality granite on the route, so that trad ropework should cover everything. Descent is via a scramble off to one side. fetching up on a beach with blueberries!! Not sure who the 2 norwegian lads are but it looks like they had a fantastic day out! 18/08/2011

Petzl Counterfeit Warning

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The whole counterfeit culture affecting high value consumer goods is a pretty familiar problem. There are regular items in news programmes and in the papers pointing out the problems that can cause serious difficulties for manufacturers, distributors and customers. Sadly the problem has moved into the ralm of PPE for climbers and cavers. There have been a few “outbreaks” of counterfeit cancer affecting Petzl gear over the past year, so I just thought I’d fire out a heads up for anyone who happens by this blog. In the last year, Petzl have managed to trace back to sources in China and have had destroyed, moulds and facilities that were producing fake Tikka headlights. Recently though the problem took a more serious turn with these products being discovered as counterfeits. CROLL ascender (B16) CROLL ascender (B16) ASCENSION handled ascender (B17 R) – old, blue...

First Reactions to Ratho Wall

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Every spring, no matter how good my training for climbing on the indoor wall’s plastic rock climbing holds; it seems I have to learn how to rock climb all over again. After hearing about the Edinburgh International Climbing Centre at Ratho for several years I finally visited it in the aftermath of a long winter’s day on the Ben. Having trekked up Tower Ridge on the Saturday for the 4th or 5th time and suffered a long hold up at the infamous Tower Gap, my little unfit legs were knackered. I’d have been game to try something outdoors if the weather had been up to much, but a damp and warm February drizzle-sky suggested there were better things to do. So- off we trekked south and east to Edinburgh to sample the delights of the “refurbished quarry” that makes up the Edinburgh International Climbing Centre. I have to say – I was pretty gobsmacked!...

Assisted Braking Belay Devices

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The UKC newsletter popped up in the inbox today and they had an excellent review of the new generation of “smart” belay devices. For years we’ve been used to seeing the good old Grigri at climbing walls, sports crags and instructed venues. It’s quite worrying to think it’s been kicking around for the last 20 odd years. However, a few months ago I met Eddy. Eddy? Who; might you ask, is Eddy? That’d be Eddy le Rid. Edelrid have put a potentially bone breaking device on the market as well. Bone breaker… does that mean it doesn’t work? Not at all: but you wouldn’t want to drop one on a rock shoed toe! Assisted braking belay devices – UKC from UKClimbing.com TV on Vimeo. A couple of the boys at the Foundry have put together a video review of five contenders for the money in your wallet. They have reviewed – complete with...